Who are we?

For over 10 years of operation, Leap Commercial and Services is a genuine brazilian company, specialized in maintenance and sales of aeronautical equipment, with clear and proven vocation for innovation in engineering environment of aeronautical maintenance.

Sr. Leonardo Rodrigues

From the day I was in love with the "aeronautical world," and then I decided to dedicate my professional efforts to the development of a solid and reliable Aeronautical Management Company, I always had in mind that it is something much more than serious, it is a question about the deeper respect for life! So this is the union of thought and action, full of awareness that works as a guideline with which all of us at LEAP Aviation dedicate our knowledge, our multiform experiences and our notorious skills every day work.

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Engineering & cutting edge technology

Technical staff

It is a company with new spirit, staff highly specialized and fast feedback, Leap is prepared to serve various requirements to civil and military markets.


Highly qualified engineers work supporting maintenance, researching and developing solutions. Self-sufficiency in generating technical resources and commitment with operational safety allowed Leap to achieve, from Anac the right of auto-inclusion, process that enables including items to capability list under self-evaluation.

What is our motivation?

The challenges motivate Leap and its co-workers, they turn into the quality of our work and our customers’ satisfaction. Our services are based on values and principles:


To meet customers’ needs with safety, reliability, quality and fast.


To be reference in quality and reliability in the aeronautical maintenance market.

Organizational values

Transparency, ethics, innovation, dedication, respect to the human and environment.


We invite you to know our installed capacity to offer a service of recognized quality. We are always ready and available to assist you!

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